November 11th, 2006


Trailer remixes!

I have found [a] the best term for those movie clips where someone takes scenes from a movie and edits them together into a trailer that makes the movie look like a different genre, and [b] another really good example of these!

Lore Sjöberg calls them "trailer remixes". This one is "Office Space"... as a HORROR MOVIE.

Also I've been spending the day really getting into my Cars DVD.
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    Sheryl Crow - Real Gone (Cars soundtrack)
eww stinky!

Hot & sticky

Ooog. It's that awkward time of year when the summer heat is starting to go away (hey, this is Houston) and it's cool enough not to run the air conditioner. Or it would be, if it weren't so humid. But if we run the air conditioner, Dad gets cold, and he turns it off. So I get hot and STICKY. I just took a shower and am trying to dry off...
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    The Rutles - Ouch!

Cooler today, with a 100% chance of more cold weather & furries

Aaaand last night a front came through and cooled things off. Hopefully things'll be more comfy today.

So on Monday I shall head up towards Chicago for MFF! I plan to get there on Wednesday. pandaguy should be there for some sort of little dinner get-together.

Yaay MFF! This time I'll come prepared. I'll carry my jacket in my bag, in case the fire alarm goes off again. (I hope it doesn't, though. Especially considering that it went off during the last two MFFs. Another false fire alarm could hurt MFF's relationship with the hotel.)

Still... yaay MFF!