August 25th, 2006

interstate pi

MFM travel plans

I've decided I want to do some sightseeing on my way to MFM this year. So I'm going to take a rather roundabout route to get there. Here's my proposed schedule:

Tue Aug 29
- Drive to Huntsville. See the statue of Sam Houston (hopefully when the visitor center is open). Drive to Waco. Buy Dr Pepper with cane sugar in it. Drive as far as possible and stop for the night (most likely in Texarkana).
Wed Aug 30
- Drive to Memphis.
Thu Aug 31
- Hang around, meet furs as they show up.
Fri Sep 1
Sat Sep 2
Sun Sep 3
Mon Sep 4
- Hang around, say goodbye to furs as they leave.
Tue Sep 5
- Drive as far as Dallas (hopefully).
Wed Sep 6
- Drive to Waco. Replenish supply of cane sugar Dr Pepper. Drive to San Antonio. Have dinner on the Riverwalk. Drive home.
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