June 15th, 2006


AC gets up and running...

Cool, the Tigerden machines are up and running! Also the Zoo is open. It's HUGE! And cold! I figure it will get warmer over the weekend as it fills up with people.

Now to log off and check out the Convention Center.

Edit: Did I say the Zoo was huge? It's just peanuts to the Convention Center. That place is GIGANTENORMACROMENSE! I predict much whining from young healthy people about how far they have to walk to get to the Dealer Den. I would be among them, except for three things:
1. I recognize that I could use the exercise.
2. I recognize that Anthrocon is getting so big that it needs a large space like this to grow into.
3. The Convention Center just looks so COOL! And it has a lovely view of the Allegheny River.
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This is kinda embarrassing. I'm sharing a room with aatheus, but we forgot to exchange numbers before I left. I'm still new to this whole having-a-cellphone business. Right now, LJ is our only means of getting in touch!

Aatheus, I'm going to turn on comment screening for this post. You can leave your number in a comment and I'll try to check back periodically.

Edit: Crisis averted! Aatheus managed to find my cellphone number. (Get this: he searched for me on Lycos, found my home number, called my mom and asked her for my cell number!) So anyway I met him and Waggs in the lobby last night and gave them key cards. In fact I'm typing this update on Aatheus's laptop.
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