June 10th, 2006

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A special treat for fans of my diaries

I feel kinda bad about getting hardly any work done on the last two diaries in all this time. (My excuse is that I've been sick and cranky, and my room's a mess.) So before I leave for Anthrocon tomorrow, I decided to give you a special behind-the-scenes treat: Scans of my thumbnail notes for the Morphicon and RCFM diaries. See if you can decipher my little scribbles and doodles!

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Voice Post: I saw Arkansas

166K 0:49
“This is KT and I'm in Little Rock. I'll be spending the night here and driving to Louisville, Kentucky the next day. I know the people who live there insist on pronouncing it "Loo-a-vull", that's just because they live there and have to say it every day so they slur it. But to us in the rest of the country it's "Loo-ee-ville", OK?? So, anyway ... Oh, on the way here I passed Hope, Arkansas, the birthplace of President Bill Clinton where there's a sign saying what it is, and, uh, the last two time I've driven by, the sign has been riddled with bullet holes. Tonight, I took a look at it; they replaced it - it doesn't have any holes in it, but it's got lots of dents on it, I think they made it bullet proof hahahaha! So, anyway, see you - see you at Anthrocon!”

Transcribed by: thecanuckguy