April 11th, 2006


Stressful day

So, dentist today.

Last week one of my gold fillings popped out, and a different dentist cemented it back in temporarily.
Today, my regular dentist removed it and did a lot of drilling. Ugh I hate the drilling. Even if there's no pain, the noise and smell are horrible. And there was a little pain, argh.

Now I've got a temporary plastic cap in place. The new filling needs to be sculpted by a team of dental lab artisans. My appointment to have it put in permanently is March 2... the day before I travel to Ohio for Morphicon. Wheee.

Now the numbness has worn off and fortunately there's no pain. A bit of soreness if I try to open my mouth wide. Be glad when that goes away. Guess I'll have soup tonight.

Oh, and after the dentist, I hadda go vote in the local race. For some reason, my precinct wasn't voting in the usual place (the lunchroom of Longfellow Elementary School). We hadda go vote at a church. Bah. And when I got there, half the parking lot was being taken up by some sort of Farmer's Market event, with people selling food under tents.

Anyway, home now. Time to relax.
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