April 8th, 2006


Birthday in history meme

Taked from bluerain

Go to Wikipedia, look up your birth day (minus year), and choose 3 events, 2 births and a death.

September 25:

1957 - Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, is integrated through the use of United States Army troops.
1981 - Sandra Day O'Connor was the 102nd Justice sworn in as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, the first woman to hold the office.
1988 - Monty Python member Michael Palin sets out from London's Reform Club to start his BBC documentary Around the World in 80 Days.

1930 - Shel Silverstein, American humorist and author (d. 1999)
1968 - Will Smith, American actor and rapper (same year as me!)

1849 - Johann Strauss, Senior, Austrian composer (b. 1804)
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The Purſuit of Happineſs, Reviſited

It has come to my attention that ſome people are confuſed by my Purſuit of Happineſs cartoon, ſpecifically about the uſe of ſ (long s). Seems ſome people are under the miſapprehenſion that that's actually an f. Nope, it's an archaic form of lowercaſe s. You can read about it on Wikipedia if you like.
(Okay, I'ma stop using it in my text now.)


1. Lowercase only.
2. Never at the end of a word.

Thus, only the second s in "Success" may be long: Succeſs.

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