April 4th, 2006

G0d is disappointed

Lottie, the expellable

I just got a spam email message from "Letha Hamm" entitled "Lottie, the expellable". Sounds like a book by Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary or some other children's author, about a mischievous girl who keeps getting in trouble in school by pretending to be a superheroine!

Davy was nervous about his first day of school. As he entered the unfamiliar building, he wondered if he'd make any new friends, or just get teased like at his old school.

Suddenly he heard a strange noise coming from down the hall. Somebody was going "whoosh-sh-sh-sh-sh!" He couldn't see who it was, until suddenly a girl about Davy's age came careening around the corner, with a large towel tied around her neck like a cape. Before Davy knew what was happening, the girl crashed into him, and they both fell to the floor, knocking over a nearby table and spilling stacks of textbooks onto the floor.

That was how Davy met... Lottie, The Expellable.

Also in this spam email was an attached GIF. I've been getting a lot of those lately. The GIF shows text, advertising stupid things like bogus hot stock market tips or replica watches. The bottom has a lot of empty whitespace, under that are some junk pixels, and under that is a large black area. It looks like the file was corrupted at some point. Anybody else been getting those? They're a nuisance.
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