March 22nd, 2006

G0d is disappointed


The guy from Data Doctors was here. He fiddled with the router settings. He fiddled with my mIRC settings and my computer settings. He finally got IRC working again on my computer. He was satisfied, I was satisfied. He left.


Mintaka, could you please come down here next chance you get? This is making no damn sense whatsoever.
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And why won't this window open?

Even weirder, not only can I not connect, the #bohemia window won't even open. I have mIRC set up to automatically join #warnercafe, #languages and #bohemia on connect, and each channel opens in a separate subwindow. While the Data Doctors guy was here, at one point he tried to close mIRC by clicking the [X] button in the corner, but closed the #bohemia window by mistake. Now, when I try to connect, only the #warnercafe and #languages windows open! Why the hell would that happen?

(Actually, to be precise, mIRC is set to automatically open four windows: #warnercafe, #languages, #bohemia and /links, which is a window that displays the IRC servers visible from where I am on the IRC network. It opens them in that order, /links last. And /links still opens successfully. #bohemia is the only window that fails to open.)
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