March 21st, 2006

G0d is disappointed


So I tried physically switching the cables on the router: Mom's was plugged into port 4 and mine into port 2, so I plugging mine into port 4 and Mom's into port 2. No change. This suggests that the router is not the problem.

Also, last night I figured something out: My IRC connection hasn't been freezing, really; when I joined the same channel using both computers, I found out that my text and pings were getting out from my computer, but nothing was getting in. It's as though I'd joined IRC normally but with everybody and all messages and notices on /ignore.

Hang on, here's a late-breaking bulletin: I'm on IRC with both machines again right now, and I left it on long enough that the connection on my machine got disconnected from the server. It auto-rejoined, and now it works! That hypothetical all-encompassing /ig has disappeared!

Except I remember now that the first day I had the problem, I left my IRC connection on longer than this, and that didn't happen. So there's no guarantee it'll ever happen again.

Anybody have any clue what's going on?!?

EDIT: I tried disconnecting and rejoining, and the Evil Giant /ig came right back.

The Data Doctors guy is coming tomorrow to take a look at my computer and see if he can figure something out.
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Did I mention...

Oh, and apparently my computer has forgotten that I ever installed scanner software on it. Mind you, I've been too busy in the last few days trying to get IRC to work to be bothered with trying to scan anything, but yesterday it got a bit tiresome to have to dismiss the "New hardware installation wizard" window every time I rebooted.
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625 sandwich

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I'm amused by this receipt from Wendy's. It says:


"Yeah, I'll just have one single combo, it's no biggie, really."
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V for Very needed break

I'm gonna take a break from computers today and go see "V for Vendetta". Taka, I know you offered to come down again today, but it'll have to be some other day. Anyway, let's see what the guy from Data Doctors can accomplish tomorrow.

(Also, any suggestion of replacing the router with some other brand is upsetting my mom for some reason. Thus, any solution is going to require making this computer work with the Linksys router. Replacing the router is officially not an option.)