March 20th, 2006


Question for Further Confusion attendees

Anybody remember, or have a record of, what time of day the Masquerade at FC 2006 started? (Not the Furry Night Live variety show, the Masquerade.) I know it was on Saturday, but what time in the evening did it start? I can't find the pocket program from the con, and the schedule's no longer on the website (because of course it's no longer needed).
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Computer problem update

Took computer to Data Doctors. Waited at home while the guy worked on it. Got it back. He said something had been disabled (but never got around to telling me what, and I suspect it would be some arcane computer term, meaningless to me.)

Took it back home. Plugged everything in. Started it up. The "can't connect to ANYTHING AT ALL" problem has been fixed. The IRC problem has NOT. Tried upgrading mIRC. That didn't work. Same problem as before: I apparently connect to the IRC server just fine, and if anybody types anything right after I join, I can see it. But then everything freezes up. No text from other people, no ping responses.

I guess I'll try calling the guy tomorrow and see if I can get him to make another house call.

Sick of this shit.
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Another problem

Also, another issue has appeared, which I didn't think anything of at the time:

Every once in a while while browsing my LJ friends list, I click on a link to read the comments for someone's entry, the page tries to load, and it keeps trying, but then it fails. Other comment pages load fine, and eventually I try again and successfully load the page. Is this related to my other problems, or is it just LJ having some bit of harf at coincidentally the same time?

Stupid computers

* KinkyTurtle thinks of computers as aliens that speak an alien language, which can be learned but only with years of study. Also the aliens are stupid, bitchy, and very very picky.
<KinkyTurtle> They're like Rain Man screamin' about havin' the wrong number of fishsticks.
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