March 19th, 2006

water, thirsty

Gun conversations: easy to turn to root beer!

<Sheilataur> This is the one with the 3-inch barrel. The compensator is *NOT* optional.
<KinkyTurtle> 3-inch barrel? That walln't hold much root beer!

<RichardFox> Of course, S&W now permanently holds supremacy in what the Spycraft manual describes as the "excessively large handgun market," unless someone decides to develop an even LONGER cartridge.
<KinkyTurtle> S&W? Me prefer A&W.
* KinkyTurtle decides to work root beer into the conversation as often as possible tonite.

<RichardFox> ...they also come in a 4" version, per
<RichardFox> The 4" is 56 ounces.
<Sheilataur> I didn't see that one at the range we were at.
<KinkyTurtle> so 1" wood be 14 oz.
* KinkyTurtle wonders how many ounces in a typical bottle o' IBC root beer.

* Sheilataur boggles...S&W claimes that's the ultimate defensive carry handgun...!
<KinkyTurtle> defensive carry. In case ya get mugged. Mmm, frosty mug...

* Vakkotaur asks KT if there is a low resolution root beer.
<KinkyTurtle> probly, but me usually prefer Hi-res.
* KinkyTurtle tries to imagine a lo-res root beer. That'd be, like... a mug fulla... rootbeer pixels.
<KinkyTurtle> li'l cubes. Frozen, probly.
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