January 30th, 2006

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Slight change on my website

I have made a slight change to the filenames of three of my cartoons, specifically the following:


The original filenames had apostrophes; "kt's_furry_faq" instead of "kts_furry_faq". The problem with this was that LiveJournal would get messed up. You know how you can just drop a URL into a post, and LJ will make it a link? LJ thought the URL stopped at the apostrophe. No good. And since I consider my Furry FAQ cartoons very useful, the breakage of this autolink feature was enough of a problem that I decided to take out the apostrophes.

The old apostrophed-up files are still in place, to keep old links on other sites from breaking, but each one includes a note saying it's deprecated, with a link to the new version.

(Edit, Oct. 12, 2006: When I moved my site, I did not move the old versions of the files. I figure that's been enough of a grace period.)
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eww stinky!

An aftertaste sensation!

Man, that Fruit2O stuff is nasty. More like Fruit2AFTERTASTE. It was so bad I stopped after three sips and poured the rest into a sewer drain. Now I'm at the Galleria, where even though I've already had lunch, I bought a bag of waffle fries just to kill the aftertaste!

And no wonder. The stuff has Splenda in it. I've never found a sugar substitute that tasted good. Feh!
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