January 6th, 2006


I think I'll give this meme a try

Comment to this post, and I'll tell you something I like, love, admire, adore, respect, etc. about you. If I can come up with anything, that is. Er, not that I don't like and respect my friends, just that sometimes I have a hard time putting my thinks into whatchamacallits. Those things with letters in them, what they called... worms! No. I just mean I'll try to be more specific than "Dude, you rock!"

Anyway, um, then go ahead and make a post like this in your own LJ if you feel like it. You don't have to copy my joke about worms. In fact, don't. Make up your own!
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Peter Jackson directing

"Your papers, please"

Babs? Squirrelly? SonicBlu? HavocFox? You seriously need to smack some sense into your state's legislators, before Ohio turns into Germany ca. 1940:

I don't *want* to hate Ohio. I don't *want* to avoid going there. I have friends there! I love the chili! And sometimes I go to Morphicon! Stupid paranoid post-9-11 War On Terror "goddamn piece of paper" nonsense.
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