December 29th, 2005

cartoon diaries

Diary update

Added two pages (3-3, 3-4) to the Furry Cruise diary.

These pages show the bit where Zot, Margo and I visited the Atlantis hotel & resort, after haggling with taxi drivers at Zot's insistence for some reason. :}
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G0d is disappointed

I just made up a new word

bilk-nol-o-gy [bɪlk ˈnɑl ə dʒiː, bɪlk ˈnɒl ə dʒiː] -

n. Any piece of software or hardware designed to benefit the company that sells it at the expense of the consumer's convenience, need, pocketbook, or privacy.

Sony CDs with rootkits on them.
DVD players with region encoding.
Cell phones rigged up not to work with any carrier other than the one they were purchased with.

How many other examples can you think of?
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