November 12th, 2005

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In a neighborhood near ours, there's a house that has put out some Thanksgiving decorations, including a large cutout of a cartoon turkey holding a sign saying "THIS YEAR, EAT HAM".

If I weren't so close to leaving town to go to MFF, I'd consider making, and surreptitiously installing next to the turkey, a similar cutout of a cartoon pig holding a sign saying "HEEEY!!"
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The Every-Other-Pen Curse

Some time ago, I bought a complete set of Micron pens at Texas Art Supply, to try them out. At least I assume it's complete; it's every size they have on the shelf. The sizes are 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 1, 2, 3 and BR. I assume the numbers are millimeters or decimal fractions thereof; BR is a brush tip.

I'd been carrying these pens around to every convention but rarely using them, just because the office-supply-store pens I've been using regularly are perfectly good for the job. The problem is, changes in air pressure caused by plane travel can cause problems for liquid-ink pens. If you're on a plane, or you've recently been on a plane, you should point your pen upwards while opening it, so that air can escape without causing a leak. If the pen is pointing down, air pressure may make the ink leak out, and if that happens, the pen becomes messy and useless, and all you can do is throw it away and wash the ink off your fingers.

And apparently too many severe pressure changes can make a pen leak before you even open it. I examined my Micron pens yesterday, and even though I pointed them all up to open them, I found that half of them were leaking. And not just half; every other pen was leaking!

005 was leaking. 01 was fine. 02 was leaking. 03 was fine. 05 was leaking. 08 was fine. 1 was leaking. 2 was fine. I was freaking!

Then I opened 3, and it was fine, breaking the pattern and being the first one to escape the curse! The same curse that plagued the numbered Star Trek movies! Oh and also the BR pen was fine.
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