September 25th, 2005


THIS SUCKS, sucked

Right now, I'm at my dad's office at Rice University. AHHHH, AIR CONDITIONING.

Ugh. An unairconditioned house in Houston is uninhabitable.

Last night I was hot. HOT, sweaty, sticky and slimy. I had a hard time getting to sleep. And then when I finally dozed off, the cat peeked in my window, which was open to let air in, and meowed at me, waking me up. SHUT UP, STUPID CAT.

Today, we emptied the fridge (which is STILL leaking condensation on the floor) and packed. That process made me even sweatier. Ugh.

We're going to move into a motel. Mom got a room in a Best Western somewhere. I can't wait to get a shower.

Fucking Reliant Energy. Poorly named, they are.

I'm sure my mood will improve after I've been in the coolness, or kelth as kurreltheraven calls it, a while, and had a shower.
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interstate pi

Whew! Comfy now.

So we sat around at Rice for a while and ate lunch, then went and checked into the Best Western and sat around there for a while. Then we went back home to grab more stuff.

I'm posting this from the Apple store in the Galleria, which fortunately is open! Looks like everything's going to open up for normal business within the next few days. There are already some restaurants open, which means we won't have to rely on what we salvaged from the fridge and pantry tonight.

We're leaving our cat at home. She's got the garage to stay in, and I put some food and water out for her, which I will replenish every day.

Poor kitty, she's going to be lonely.

But at least I can take a SHOWER now! I shall do that when I get back to the hotel.
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