July 21st, 2005



I'm confused about something. I've been spending this afternoon copying my video footage of Anthrocon 2005 to VHS, and there's one line in Uncle Kage's Story Hour that I don't get. He describes his former job working for a company that procures human tissue, and the freezer they keep the tissue in, and the alarm company that monitors the freezer, and the frequent short power interruptions that he had a hard time getting the alarm company to stop bothering him about.

He calls the alarm company "ABC" instead of their real name, and he says the line: "ABC kept calling me through the night."

That line gets a huge laugh, and then he says something about having it edited out. And I thought to myself, "Huh?"

Clearly I'm missing something. I know ABC as standing for "American Broadcasting Company", and "Already Been Chewed" (there was a fake commercial on Tiny Toons once, for ABC Gum). I also know it as the title of an old Jackson 5 song. But what ELSE could it be, that would make that line so hilarious?!
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