July 4th, 2005

Land of the Midnight Snack


Today we celebrate the historic day in 2000 when Angelina Jolie holed up in a fortified bunker and fought off paparazzi trying to ask nosy questions about the pendants she and then-husband Billy Bob Thornton (who is partially of American Indian heritage) wore containing drops of each other's blood.

Happy Fort of Jolie!
Happy Indian-pendants Day!
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All in all, I can't find... any bricks of the Wall.

Wait, I thought I'd beaten Google Earth. But I can't find the Great Wall of China. You've heard that the Great Wall is visible from space? Well, Google Earth proves that old nugget of wisdom WRONG. I can't see it *anywhere*! And yes I looked up maps of it, so I know I'm looking in the right place.
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