June 18th, 2005


That could have "bean" better planned

Well, no sooner do I stop hurting from the kidneystone than I go and find new ways to hurt myself! Er, sorta. It's nothing serious. It's just that eating a whole can of pinto beans and drinking a lot of water turns out not to be such a brilliant idea. Those things swell, don't they? *urp*

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Oh cool, a bonus TMBG song!

I found a bit of an interesting Easter egg on the DVD of They Might Be Giants' video compilation "Direct From Brooklyn". If you watch the Snail Shell video with the commentary track on, instead of commentary you'll hear a song called "Complete Paranoia".

This is Crybaby with a message for the women.
I've dropped the MC from my stage name.
So please call me Crybaby
from now on.

And speaking of TMBG, here's an interesting page on This Might Be a Wiki. See, there is, or has been, a debate over whether the sample in "Boat of Car" from TMBG's first album is of Johnny Cash singing "Daddy sang bass" or "Daddy'll sing bass". Both lines are present in the song the sample is from, but it's hard to tell which it is.

The funny thing is, I started that debate way back in the early '90s on the TMBG mailing list. Someone had transcribed the sample as "Daddy sang bass", but to my ear, it is and always has been clearly "Daddy'll sing bass", not "Daddy sang bass". I tried to correct this, but the guy didn't believe me. I couldn't get anybody to agree with me! The best I could do was throw doubt on the whole issue and start a debate raging.

And now after all these years, I find this page, with a bunch of sound clips that someone obsessively made, because of an argument I got into once. Makes me feel sorta proud! :}
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