May 12th, 2005

cartoon diaries

Back from Morphicon 2!

Whew! Finally back home.

I think I'm starting to get tired of these long multi-day road trips. I'll still gladly drive anywhere I can get in one day, such as Mephit Furmeet or Oklacon, maybe two days such as RCFM, but I'm a little more willing to put up with airlines now (especially now that I'm getting the hang of this whole "packing light" thing.)

So anyway. Diary pages to start popping up soon. In the meantime, later tonight, I'll put up some digital pics I took. Got some interesting stuff!
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interstate pi

Oh and another city-name datapoint

I've written before about how some towns with long names are abbreviated on highway signs (examples: Philadelphia > Phila.; Little Rock > LR; Baton Rouge > BR). Well, here's another: Cincinnati becomes "Cinti."
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Peter Jackson Oscar

Morphicon & so on Photos

Okay, too tired to write HTML for these, but here are some of the pics I took during the con, and a bunch I took on the trip home.
In roughly chronological order:

alohafox.jpg - Aloha Fox shows off his fursuit.
tailer.jpg - Aloha's got a little husky clinging to his tail!
bear.jpg - Bear the fennec wears his fennec ears.
northpaw.jpg - Look, Northpaw isn't wearing any pants! Also he's part fox.
risk-clock.jpg - A classic Roman-numeral clock face I made out of Risk pieces and pencils. And I set the proper time on it!
risk-clock2.jpg - The Risk clock Mark II, using a Twister spinner as a ready-made clock face, also with the proper time set (hour hand only).
slotmachine.jpg - A slot machine that was set up for people to play with.

mr-*.jpg (7 pics) - The Macro Rampage was an event where fursuiters pretended they were giant monsters and stomped on toy soldiers and miniature paper buildings. These signs were hung on the walls.

After the con, I drove to downtown Cincinnati to see the Tyler Davidson fountain, which appears briefly in the opening titles of "WKRP in Cincinnati".

ktbox*.jpg (2 pics) - On the way to Fountain Square, I saw a KT box in an antique store!
fifth-third-bank.jpg - Is it fifth or third? Why is it called that?
tyler*.jpg (6 pics) - The Tyler Davidson fountain itself.

vixen-redfox.jpg - Check this out! This intersection exists in Merwin, a town on the outskirts of Cincinnati.
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