April 2nd, 2005


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Well, my back's starting to feel better. I wish I could figure out how to adjust this stupid chair to keep it from getting strained again.
Land of the Midnight Snack

Key Lime pie redux

So anyway the Key Lime pie was so good it got all et up! (Don't worry, I've got enough juice left to make, oh, 4 or 5 more pies. All we need is more pie shells and cans of condensed milk.)

While I was in Key West, I also bought a little package of Key Lime pie mix, which I decided to try making yesterday. The results, however, are somewhat different. The mix results in a pie that is very gloppy and not at all solid. It tastes pretty good, but it's more pudding than pie. I've taken to eating it with a spoon.

There were two packets of mix in the bag, and there are two recipes on the front of the bag: one for pie, the other for Key Lime mousse. I'll try making the mousse next. (And I will laugh if it comes out more solid than the pie!)

(The full story: While in Key West, I stopped at a place called the Blond Giraffe, which makes and sells KLPs and other KL products. I stopped there to eat a slice, and I also decided to pick up a bag of KLP mix. In other shops in Mallory Square, I saw bottles of KL juice, but didn't buy any, thinking "Who needs it? I've got this bag of mix!" But the next day, while driving back to the mainland, I thought, "Wait a minute, what if the mix turns out to be crap? I better buy a bottle of KL juice before I leave the Keys!" So I found a place on Key Largo selling KL products, and bought a bottle of juice (as well as another slice of KLP for the road).)
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