January 10th, 2005

water, thirsty

New Year with Vicodin Brandy

Just got an email spam with the subject line "New Year with Vicodin Brandy".

Umm... isn't that DANGEROUS??

The message offered a "Christmas sale" on various drugs, none of which I want or need, and had a link I do not intend to click.

Then, at the bottom, the only interesting part of the message, this Dada poem:

machiavelli gannett politician madman longstanding rapport igloo araby polyphony chestnut
cancelled spire variable dauphin sulfide cyclone spidery cowan luftwaffe
idiocy wreathe camber histology yakima lawsuit circular despicable amorous transit indelible
xylene strewn sax columbus worship gemini holler leaden
duck irma salvation stymie tally bake sandra supernatant
disquietude livermore student transportation clasp eagan classification lacquer
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