December 26th, 2004

Ghost Gliders in the Sky

White stuff!

Here's a bizarre sight: snowmen on the beach at Galveston!
Snowmen on Galveston
This was on the front page of the Houston Chronicle today (photo by Carlos Javier Sanchez).

Friday night, it snowed. It snowed here in Houston! That's a sight as rare as veggie platters in a candy store! All the cars and roofs were coated solid white. (Well, except on that house across the street that has poor insulation.) It melted on the streets, though, except here and there where there was a newspaper or leaf to protect the few square inches of snow on top of it.

Next day, it quickly melted. By the time I got up at noon, there was no evidence there'd been any snow except for a wet spot on the front walk where it was in the shadow of the house.

Still... wow, eh?
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Herm conjoinments

I got asked stuff

According to :

  1. Didn't you lose an arm in vietnam?
  2. Wouldn't it be better to have a dual-head setup with your computer?
  3. What is your opinion on six paw drive?
  4. Did you get my present for Agnostica?
  5. You going to the new-years celebration at Shotgun Shells at Canmeph 2?

My answers:

  1. Two of 'em! (Granted, one wasn't mine.)
  2. Only if I can get the special three-male-prong attachment for it.
  3. It's not enough!
  4. Yes, an empty box. ...Darn, now I've ruined the surprise!
  5. Sorry, can't. I'm already booked at the Mutant Turtle at Crandall Spaceport.

Apparently I'm supposed to similarly ask fictional questions of whoever comments on this post, and they're supposed to give fictional answers in their own LJ. So if you want in on it, do that and copy these instruction-like things.
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