December 13th, 2004


Why, those sneaks!

In the mail today, I got an interesting envelope. On the flap was the name and logo of Bank of America. The front had scuff marks on it in the shape of a credit card, and was boldly emblazoned with the words "DO NOT FOLD". Way up in the upper left corner was the Visa logo. I thought, hmm, am I due for a new Visa card?

So I opened it. But there was no card in it. Just a 'pre-approved' credit card offer.

I looked back at the front of the envelope. I peered veeery closely at those credit-card-shaped scuff marks. They were PRINTED on! They were made up of tiny grey halftone dots!

Clever job tricking me into opening your come-on, Bank of America. It'll be an even cleverer job if you can figure out some way to make me want to trust you enough now to do business with you.
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