October 8th, 2004

Big Science

Greetings from Linucon, programs!

Here I am at the Red Lion hotel in Austin, logged on from TRON Guy jmaynard's laptop. Things are starting to gear up. So far I've met Jay and howardtayler of "Schlock Mercenary" and had lunch with them at Whataburger. Then I met Eric S. Raymond and gave him an entry for the Jargon File, about mIRC's trout macro. Also I palled around with Wil Wheaton and told him about furry fandom. He'll be attending Midwest Furfest! (Disclaimer: Everything written in red is false. Wil Wheaton wil be here, but if he's shown up yet, I haven't seen him.)

So until next time... um... yig-ped!
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