September 15th, 2004

squiggly KT

Squiggly KT

Lookie! I got one of those animated squiggly icons from </a></b></a>battyvitae. She was at MFM and had a table in the Dealer Den.

(She actually sent it yesterday, but I forgot to make a post about it until today because I'm lazy as a, um, whatever.)
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interstate pi

As I was leaving the mall today...

...I saw a succinct illustration of the "rules apply to everyone but me" attitude so prevalent in America today (and maybe other places but mostly America):

An SUV in a "Compact Cars Only" space. One of those big honkin' SUVs too (though it wasn't honking at the time); y'know, the kind you could fold down the seats in back of so you, your wife, and the kids could all sleep comfortably if, y'know, you ever actually went camping or anything.

And I see the point of the rule: that big black behemoth looked like it would severely disrupt visibility for anyone trying to get around the corner.

So, um, way to go, dude, fight the powah! Or something.
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