September 6th, 2004


Tail end of MFM

Well, it's been a fun con (except for a few problems, most of which are not the con's fault). I'm typing this from the Holiday Inn business center. There are still a few furs hanging around the lobby.

Tomorrow Drabek, Bill and I will drive back to Houston, and the MFM 8 diary will start going up shortly thereafter.

Best thing that happened to me this con: I got to playtest my enhanced Fluxx deck! Kyrian, the biggest Fluxx enthusiast I met this weekend, calls it THE Fluxx Deck. As in, the ULTIMATE Fluxx deck! I'll go into more detail about it later.

Earlier today, I went to lunch with Drabek, Bill, Protius and Deneb at Steak 'n Shake. Someone ordered a regular vanilla shake, which showed up on the bill as REG VAN SHAKE (of the Boston van Shakes. We're going yachting later, mmyeeees.)

Right now I'm gonna spend the rest of the day hanging out with whoever's left. Talk later!
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