August 26th, 2004

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Time for an actual opinion!

At the comic book store today I spotted a book titled "How to draw Manga". It occurred to me, shouldn't step 1 be "Be Japanese"? I mean, if you're not Japanese, you're just going to be drawing comics, not "manga".

Just kidding. I know what it means. Drawing comics in the style of Japanese artists. The style doesn't appeal to me personally, though. I think it looks... well, bleagh.
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How not to think of an elephant

You know that trick some people do where they tell you not to think of an elephant, and suddenly the thought of an elephant pops into your head and you've lost the game instantly?

I've got a solution to that: I have associated the words "don't think of an elephant" in my mind with the image of a chicken. So if anyone says "Don't think of an elephant", my immediate reaction is something like: "Okay. Chicken! Chicken chicken chicken. Feathers, beak, claws, scratching in the dirt, buck-buck-b'kaw, red wattles jiggling as it cocks its head from side to side. Hmm, what was it you wanted me not to think of, again? I've forgotten."
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Don't think of the "don't think of an elephant" trick.

Oh, and the not-thinking-of-an-elephant trick occurred to me because of this page:
Linguistics professor George Lakoff dissects the "war on terror" and other conservative catchphrases

He's written a book called "Don't Think of an Elephant", which is about how to talk to conservatives. One of the main points is not letting the other guy frame the debate. This is something a lot of people in furry fandom should know about, I think.

Them: "Furries do X."
Us: "We do *not* do X!"
Everybody else: "It's the Great Debate! Do furries do X or don't they?"
Some guy somewhere: "Hey, what are furries?"
Some other guy: "They're people who do X, I think. I heard it somewhere."
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