August 9th, 2004

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Butterscotch Vixen in Houston!

As you may or may not know, </a></b></a>cal_foxx is a truck-drivin' vixen. She hauled a load of steel into Houston today!

The interesting thing is that she may not have to leave Houston until Tuesday. I went and hung out with her tonight, and we went and saw Spiderman 2. I invited any other Houston furs along who wanted to come, but I guess it was too short notice for people.

So anyway, she'll make her delivery tomorrow morning, and then call me around noon, at which point she'll tell me what her schedule is like, we'll make plans, and I'll make a new post here.

Anyone who wants to hang out with us tomorrow, check back here early in the day for updates!
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Butterscotch update

Hmm, this might make it hard for people to make plans:

Butterscotch is out in Baytown, waiting to pick up her next load, but there are about 15 trucks ahead of her, and she doesn't know how long it'll take. Could be anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

When she's done, she'll head back up to the Flying J north of Houston and stay there for the night. She'll give me a call when she gets up there.
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Traffic sign oddity

Here's something strange I've noticed while driving around Houston:

Y'know how the standard red-and-blue Interstate shield comes in two different sizes? Narrow for 1- to 2-digit route numbers, and wide for 3 digits?

Well, I've noticed that on many signs in Houston, I-10 appears in a wide shield, and I-610 appears in a narrow shield. Here's a photo that shows examples of both, side by side on the same sign!

Now, I can understand putting '610' in a narrow shield, because that '1' in there doesn't take up much room... but why put '10' in a wide shield? Bizarre.
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