June 18th, 2004


Here's another new meme idea

Go back to the very beginning of your LJ, and create a string of words by copying the first word of the first post, the second word of the second post, the third word of the third post, etc. (not counting subject lines).

Continue until you reach a post with fewer words than whatever number you're on, or until you just get tired of doing it.

Then punctuate the string of words to make it look like a sentence or paragraph.

Here's what mine results as:

'Ooo, just spent much BOOGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR today. Going clean, three watched up the just lately. With roommate needs to, at days, come say "maybe".'
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My plans for the next few days

On Tuesday, I fly to Ohio for a week! First I'ma visit Loriana & Aerofox, then I'ma go to Ohio Morphicon.

So I'm spending the next few days getting ready. Right now I'm at the mall (specifically the Apple computer store, where I'm posting this from.)

Yesterday I made copies of my video footage from RCFM, which I shall send to KO later. (And I haven't forgotten about Kiran Lightpaw; I owe him a copy of the comedy show, which he was in.)

And speaking of which, I should have the RCFM diary done before I leave town!
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