February 5th, 2004

carhorn with teeth

Also: Ohio Morphicon!

I'm planning to go to Ohio Morphicon in June! (The con will be June 25-27.) I'm going with my mom. Well, she's not going to attend the con; she grew up in Cincinnati, and wants to visit it again 'cause she hasn't been there in a long time.
Also, while we're there, we're going to visit </a></b></a>loriana and </a></b></a>aerofox, who live near Sidney, Ohio.

So this is going to be a nice big long Ohio trip for me and Mom!

Today I went out to buy, among other things, road maps for the two cities we'll be spending most of our time in:
  • Cincinnati (which Mom wants to visit)
  • Columbus (which is where Morphicon will be)

At the Key Map store, they didn't have a Columbus map, so I just got a Cincinnati map.
Then I went to the Rand McNally store in the Galleria to see if they had Columbus. BUT GUESS WHAT? Aside from a map of the entire state, the only city map they had was Cleveland! CLEVELAND?! Sheeeesh!

Ah well, I oughta be able to get a Columbus map once we're in Ohio. Maybe even a Sidney map, although that seems to be a really small town, so maybe we won't need one.

I do enjoy collecting maps, though.
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