January 13th, 2004


Oh the silly things furries do when I'm not lookin'

Very very silly:
People who think (or at least act like they think) the ONLY TWO options for mentioning your furriness to the world at large are to keep it a deep dark terrible secret and deny it vehemently if asked, or to go up to every single person you meet and say, "Hi! I'm a furry! I think big-breasted vixens are hot, and I boink teddy bears!"

Very silly:
People who admit the third option (but no others) of saying to everyone you meet, "Hi! I'm a furry, but I'm not one of those pervs who think big-breasted vixens are hot and who boink teddy bears."

People who think refusing to call themselves "furries" will earn them any respect from the people who make fun of furries. It works about as well as "Trekker" did for Trekkies.

Also silly:
People who complain loudly about people who skritch other people at cons. They have a point (you shouldn't skritch people without permission), but they always seem to describe it like it's some heinous act of brutality. ("Some guy came up and SKRITCHED me!! I had to run upstairs and douse myself in KEROSENE!! My life will never be the same again! I'll need YEARS of therapy!!")
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Late addition to the list!

Also silly:
People who warn others not to wear tails or ears in public because "people will think you're crazy or perverted or something, and they'll lock you up and throw away the key and then kill you in the face!"

Even sillier:
People who say the above, and add: "And I'll be there to laugh at you the whole time!"
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