July 16th, 2003

Land of the Midnight Snack

Eat, draw, pack

Dinner tonight with fellow furries at Pepper Chino up north o' town. Claudette? Ha! Bit of rain on freeway, then no more all day.

Drove up early, found where place was, killed a few hours at Willowbrook Mall. Bought Lego Studios kit (comes with working camera and video-making software; endorsed by Spielberg) on clearance. For Windows 98; hope it works in XP! Spent rest of time drawing cartoon (will upload tomorrow).

Then Pepper Chino. Fun, yummy! Sushi, Chinese buffet. Then chatted in parking lot till 11:30.

Tomorrow, last-minute prep for AC. Thursday, fly to Philly!
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Anthrocon, here I come!

Got a lot of last-minute things to deal with before going to bed tonight (such as packing, cleaning out my bottle for drinking water, and um lots of little things I'm too frazzled to think of at the moment but will become obvious once I start actually doing it instead of typing this)... then tomorrow I shall wake up and drive to the airport and fly to Anthrodelphia for Philacon! Or something.

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