April 25th, 2003

Land of the Midnight Snack

I found Pocky!

I found a place to buy Pocky here in Houston! It's a store way out past Beltway 8, on Westheimer, an Oriental food store called Nippan Daido. (For Japanese students out there, the store's name is also written with two Kanji characters. The first, DAI, means 'big' and looks like a guy with outstretched arms. The second, DOU, means 'way' and is the same character as the one in Chinese that's pronounced "tao" and is used to symbolize Taoism.) They've got various kindsa Pocky there! So I stocked up. I've got chocolate, strawberry, strawberry mousse, cream, almond, and some coffee-flavored sticks called Pretz.

Daisuki da!
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