April 7th, 2003


I'm redesigning my website!

Everything on the main page is laid out in a nice organized table of contents now! Also it's starting to look nicer because I'm teaching myself CSS. Have a look:


Also there's a news box there, to make it worth checking the main page more often!

I'll be tweaking the look and design of other pages on my site in days to come. Soon my website will the BEST one ever! ...Well it'll be pretty good anyway.
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Power outage, bookmark file outage

Aaargh! Heavy thunderstorm here today. Power went out! I spent the afternoon at the Galleria. It was raining heavily on the way there, but had stopped by the time I left. Then I went back home and had to reset all the clocks. Didn't I reset them all YESTERDAY? Bah.

Then I turned on my computer, loaded up my browser of choice (Opera), and... AAAARGH!!! My bookmarks file was GONE! EMPTY! WIPED OUT! (Apparently this happened last night, when the computer froze up so hard I had to hit the switch on the power strip.)

So now I'm rebuilding my bookmarks file. Ah well, there were a lotta outdated entries collecting dust in there anyway.
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