February 9th, 2003

Land of the Midnight Snack

Potato Patch!

I won't be on IRC until late tonight because a bunch of us local Furries are having another get-together, this time at a place just north of Houston called the Potato Patch.

Riversmith, who first had the idea to go there, says, "Warning, this place serves potatoes from Jupiter, they's freaking HUGE! Come hungry."

Sounds like my kinda place! :}
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How to do a cut tag

One thing I forgot when I made the post about cut tags is that not everybody knows how to make one. The FAQ describes how, if you can find the relevant page (which I did, but maybe I was just lucky).
The format is:

<lj-cut text="This is the text that appears in the cutlink.">This is the text that's hidden behind the link.</lj-cut>

The "text" attribute is optional; if you leave it out, the cut link will say "Read more".

For example, the above code produces this:

Collapse )

More lj-specific tags can be found here:
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