January 1st, 2003


The Massive Zero Hour Sweep

Now that the Massive Zero Hour Sweep has completely traversed the Great Planetary Spacetime Helix, wiping away the last traces of the old year, it's now 2003! Didja see the MZHS? It was all nice and bright & green & shimmery this year!

Facts about the MZHS:
  • It is a giant shimmering rippling wall of light stretching from pole to pole and extending about 3 miles up into the sky.
  • It travels westward, starting and ending at the International Date Line, passing over each time zone as its local time hits midnight.
  • At the equator, the ribbon of light travels about 1000 mph. At the latitude of Houston, TX, it travels about 900 mph.
  • At the latitude of Houston, TX, its top edge first becomes visible almost exactly ten minutes before midnight.
  • It is completely harmless and nonlethal, unless you happen to be the old bearded guy wearing a robe and a sash saying "2002".

ranma_e in NZ got to see it first, then 12 hrs later it hit the UK, where fionacat, chocorisu and nonezumi could see it. Four hours later, timmowarner in Nova Scotia got his glimpse of it, followed by frostyw on the East Coast. An hour after that, it hit Texas, making a loud ffffffFFFFFWHOOOOSSSSSHHHHhhhhhhhing sound! Forunately it was traveling so fast that the really loud part didn't last long. I could see the green glow of it for ten minutes before and after midnight. Two hours later, folks on the West Coast (such as jon_helfrich) were treated to the sight.

And now it's 2003! Yaaay!
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