December 20th, 2002


Live long an' prosper, y'all!

Last night I had a dream, most of which I forget, but at the very end of it, I was walking past a TV store with several big-screen TVs all playing the same program: a comedy club show on which the comedian was a guy who looked exactly like Leonard Nimoy, so his gimmick was that he was dressed up as Mr. Spock. However, his voice sounded nothing like Mr. Spock; he sounded more like Ross Perot.

Today I saw "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" one and two-thirds times! I bought a ticket to the 3:00 showing, then I made the mistake of buying a soda. Two hours into it, I had to potty so bad that I ducked out. Then I decided to sneak into the 4:00 showing, but I couldn't find it easily, so I just went into the 5:00 showing and got to see the whole thing again from the beginning.
(Sadly, in doing so, I left the theater full of SF/fantasy geeks, who were doing fun stuff like cheering when Gandalf reappeared! Nobody in the second theater cheered at anything. Also, the dialog was a bit harder to hear in the second theatre.)
It's a good movie! It's actually quite grim and violent, but then the story's like that I guess, so blame Tolkien. Gollum was really good! Very believable & pitiable.

Oh, and before the movie, one of the trailers was for "Bruce Almighty", a movie in which Jim Carrey gets to be God for a week. That could be really good or it could suck badly. We'll just have to wait and see.
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