November 30th, 2002


The exhaust fan in the back bathroom

...broke down a few months ago. Dad examined it and figured it needed replacing, but in the process of removing it from the ceiling, he decided to try giving it a bit of a cleaning. After vacuuming all the dust & crud out of it, he found it would turn again! Putting it back together was the hard part. It involved bolting several pieces together, then securing the bolts with toothed nuts that had obviously been put on in the factory before the fan was attached, but we couldn't remove the fan without destroying the little doohickey holding it on. So I tried... and eventually got the nuts in place, thanks to some amazing manual dexterity! Then Dad put the assembly back in place, and it worked again!

Later in the day, Mom and I went out to pick up some spaghetti from Olive Garden. I also got myself a chocolate lasagna, which I just finished. Yum!
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MFF diary

I've started putting up the Midwest FurFest diary, at ! It's up to p. 21. However, further progress depends on transcribing these audiotapes I made at the con events. It'll probably be a day or so before any more pages go up.

But once it's finished, I'll get right back on finishing the AC diary, I swear!
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