November 27th, 2002


Turtle is home at last!

I just got back home! Woke up in Little Rock this morning and did a loooootta drivin'. (The previous morning, I woke up in St. Louis and did a looooootta drivin', and the morning before that, I woke up in Schaumburg, IL and did a looootta drivin'.) I had fun, most of it during the con itself... I'm glad to be home now!

Ooo, one nifty thing I noticed: On this trip, I crossed ALL of the two-digit interstates that end in 0. Y'know, the big major east-west ones? Here's a rundown:
  • I-10: crossed in Houston, TX
  • I-20: crossed near Marshall, TX
  • I-30: drove on from Texarkana, TX/AR to Little Rock, AR
  • I-40: drove on from Little Rock, AR to West Memphis, AR
  • I-50: doesn't exist
  • I-60: also doesn't exist (why is that?)
  • I-70: crossed in St. Louis, MO
  • I-80: crossed near Joliet, IL
  • I-90: crossed in Schaumburg, IL the day after the con on the way to the laundromat

As for two-digit interstates that end in 5 (the major north-south ones), I drove on I-55 from West Memphis to the Chicago area, and I crossed I-45 here in Houston. In fact, on the way home this evening, I drove around the east side of town on the 610 Loop, and just after I crossed 45, I saw a major accident scene on the eastbound side of 610 (I was westbound at the time), with cops, ambulances, wreckers, fire trucks, all lanes of traffic blocked, and cars backed up for MILES! Poor folks on the other side of the barrier.

So anyway, as I said, I'm HOME now! Con diary to begin going up soon. Probably starting tomorrow.
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