November 24th, 2002


Guess where I'm loggin' in from!

I'm at the Grill o' Byte internet restaurant in Woodfield Mall! I just had a burger and fries, and now I'm sippin' my rootbeer whilst composing this message. (However, you apparently can't eat and websurf at the same time; the computers are only along one wall apart from the tables, and there are no chairs for them. Makes sense, or else the keyboards would get gummed up.)

In a coupla hours I'm going to attend a panel at the con called "Presenting Furry Fandom to the World", which'll be about what to say if people ask about furries. (Yes, I know, it woulda made more sense to hold the panel on Friday, so we could put it to use all weekend during the con. Maybe I oughta suggest that to the con staff for next year.)

Just one more day of hangin' around with furries (le sigh), then tomorrow I begin the long drive back home. I'll be spending tomorrow night in St. Louis again, then the next night in Little Rock.

Welp, back to the con!
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