November 20th, 2002


Hullo from St. Louis!

I'm logging in from the Big Blue House, a local furry residence, the home of cal_foxx, tygercowboy and Spike Rotty. Butterscotch is busy packing to go to MFF herself in fact! (Nobody else is home yet.)

The drive from Houston to Little Rock was long but not too bad. The drive from Little Rock to St. Louis was BOOOO-RIIIIING! Faaaaaaaaaarmlaaaaaaaaaaaand. Boy am I glad I had my CDs!

Also some people (such as shockwave77598 and my mom) have been expressing to me the idea that the Little Rock-St. Louis route is short. SAY WHAAAAT?! It took me 7 freakin' hours!

Anyway, the others are about to show up and we're gonna go out and buy goodies and whatnot. Maybe I'll check in again from the con!
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