November 19th, 2002


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Logging off now to pack and finish getting ready. Tomorrow I head out on the road to get to Midwest FurFest!
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About to head out now.

I'm about to hit the road! Next stop, Little Rock!


But just now I tried to check my email, and it didn't work! "Error opening inbox for kturtle." Does it do this EVERY day?! Is email inaccessible EVERY morning, and I've just never known about it because I've never tried to get mail before 5 pm before?

...I dunno. Anyway the entire staff of Roadrunner needs to be bitten on the pants by a big wolf or shark with very sharp teeth for doing this to me when I'm preparing for a big trip!

Not that I'm undertaking any severely important e-mail correspondences at the moment. Just thought I'd check to see if there's any "KT! Wait! Before you go..." messages or anything.

Anyway, not gonna let that get me down before the trip. Off I go! Bon voyaggie, me!
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    The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (in the car)