November 17th, 2002


I shoulda gone to EPO first!

So I went to EPO, and guess what they have there... small parts bags! In bins! Right there! Forget Dromgoole's and their silly overpriced catalog, forget paying $60 for a carton of 1000 3"x5" bags... I got two packs of 100 3"x4" bags for $1.65 each! (Sidenote: The bin of 3"x5" bags was almost empty. Maybe that's why I had no luck at Dromgoole's; that was the size I asked for. But the exact size isn't that important to me, so I was glad to be able to just pick a suitable size out of a bin instead of having to choose from a catalog sight unseen!)

Then I went around buying stuff I'll need for my upcoming trip to Chicago (more detail about the trip in an upcoming post). First, an anti-skip CD player for the car, so I can listen to music and not be bored during the long drive. Also a boombox with a cassette deck so I can use the CD-cassette adapter, 'cos I don't have a cassette player in my car. Next, film. I bought up Wolf Camera's last three rolls of 36-exposure and a 6-pack of 24-exposure.

Then I got some dog collars at Kroger's for the furry con. No, I'm not going to wear them... I'm gonna put them on my water bottle! See, I like to carry a bottle around at cons and refill it from the big tanks of ice water they have set up for the congoers to drink from. But I need to insulate the bottle so it doesn't get my bag all wet from condensation, so I've devised a DIY bottle insulator: a towel wrapped around the bottle, held in place by straps. And what better straps than dog collars!

Then I went to see Michael Moore's film "Bowling for Columbine", in which he asks why the murder rate is so much higher in the US than in other countries. Part of it seems to be the daily festival of fear in the papers and on the news. Turn on the TV and it's murder! blood! violence! Two teenagers dead! Suspect at large, possibly a black man! Eek eek we're going to die! So people fall for this and become afraid of criminals lurking behind every bush and lamppost, and become trigger-happy. At least that's the theory.

Then I picked up some Chinese food and took it home for supper.
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Two road trips in a row!

Tomorrow I'm driving to Austin and back to pick up a computer from Mintaka youngvanwinkle. It'll be faster, more powerful and more capacious than this one! Finally I'll be able to watch Homestar Runner cartoons as they were meant to be seen!

Then on Tuesday, I'm gonna drive all the way from here in Houston up to Chicago, for Midwest Furfest! My itinerary:
  • Tuesday: Drive to Little Rock, AR.
  • Wednesday: Drive to St. Louis, MO.
  • Thursday: Drive to Schaumburg, IL (a suburb of Chicago).
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Enjoy Midwest Furfest 2002 at their new hotel, the Hyatt Regency Woodfield!
  • Monday: Drive to St. Louis, MO.
  • Tuesday: Drive to Little Rock, AR.
  • Wednesday: Drive HOME!
I've got reservations at Motel 6's in Little Rock and St. Louis along the way.
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Ooo and at the River Oaks theatre, where I saw "Bowling for Columbine"... before the movie started, the sound system was playing Björk songs. Yaay!
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Made it safely home from Austin with computer in tow! Well, actually I wasn't towing it; it was buckled into the passenger seat!

I'm not using it at the moment... I'm gonna wait until after MFF to hook it up.

Hmm... think I'll go see "Harry Potter: The Two Chambers" (sequel to "Harry Potter: Fellowship of the Stone") tomorrow.
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