November 14th, 2002


Stuff I did today

Had a cup of matzoball soup and a French dip sandwich at Katz's. Amused the waiters by showing them that "America" written in Japanese looks strikingly like "maniac" written in Hebrew.

Finally found that book about SNL, "LIve From New York", that I'd been looking for. Also bought a behind-the-scenes book about "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", and "When you ride ALONE you ride with bin Laden" by Bill Maher.

Also: I KNEW it! I KNEW Kroger's had Aero bars from Canada! They have others too! I bought a bunch of Aeros, Crunchies, a Cadbury Flake, a bag of Maltesers... if only they had Coffee Crisp, it would be perfect! ...No! If only they had Coffee Crisp and Pocky, it would be perfect!

In the parking lot at Kroger's I saw a bizarre thingy... a pickup truck turned into a low rider! To make room for the rear wheels to be raised, a giant slot had been cut in the floor of the truck bed, making it less useful. Looked like something worthy of the Rice-Boy Page!

Ooo also I ordered a carton of 1,000 3"x5" small parts bags (little Ziploc-like plastic bags) from Dromgoole's. 1,000 was the smallest quantity I could get them in. They will come in handy for sorting various little Lego pieces... and I will never need to buy any more small parts bags again for the rest of my LIFE!
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