November 3rd, 2002


Woud-ja LIKE ta take a SUR-VEY?

I am not: going to take this survey seriously.
I hurt: -le through space.
I hate: 'alf a happle.
I fear: rike a mirrion dorrahs!
I hope: you're satisfied!
I crave: braaaaaains.
I regret: nothiiiiiiiiing! *splash*
I cry: wolf.
I care: really, I do.
I long: I very long. I longer than you!
I feel alone: mower is the best thing to cut grass with.
I listen: like thieves.
I hide: Fluffy Puff marshmallows in my pockets for seeecret eeeating.
I drive: me crazy. Like no one else. I drive me crazy, and I can't help myself.
I sing: on the cake.
I dance: I'm your dancity. I mean... dastiny.
I write: you wrong.
I breathe: like rabbits.
I play: dumb.
I miss: ter Rogers.
I search: using Google.
I learn: to the left. I learn: to the right. I stand: up. I sit: down. I fight: fight fight.
I feel: Coke.
I know: what you did last summer.
I say: ol' chap.
I succeed: out of watermelon.
I fail: to see what's so bloody hilarious.
I dream: of electric sheep.
I wonder: everywhere, and if she's beside me I know I need never care.
I want: candy.
I worry: about you, Billy, I really do.
I have: the *hic* I have *hic* I have *hic* I have the *hic* the *hic* I have the *hic*...
I give: up. Why did the chicken cross the road?
I've stopped: now get out and use the restroom and get back here quick or I'll drive off without you.
I receive: if the first ceiving didn't work.
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Ghostie postie

Whoops! I saw a post on my friends page that I wanted to respond to, but when I clicked the 'comment on this' link, I got a message saying "You are not authorized to view this protected entry." I guess the person who wrote the post went back and set it private after I loaded it.

I won't say who wrote it, for obvious reasons, but part of the post mentioned one of the main differences between SF cons and furry cons: there's more art and creativity at the latter. SF cons mostly feature fanboying over TV shows and books, while at furry cons lots of people carry around sketchbooks and art supplies.

Not to say that furries don't have their share of fanboys or are better than SF fans, but yeah, I see the point. I've always thought furry fandom was something special. I guess misunderstandings over that idea is what lead to arguments that include comments along the lines of "Furries aren't the only subculture out there, ya know!" I know. But there's something special about us, so there! :}
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