November 2nd, 2002


Halloween party I went to!

Last night I went to a Halloween party at the apartment of Kat & JJ, a couple of local furries (for suitably Houstonian values of 'local'... the Woodlands are 30 miles away!)

It took me about 2 hours to get there, since I timed it badly and ended up in rush-hour traffic, missed the intersection I was looking for and hadda turn around, and then had trouble finding the apartment (who knew an apartment complex could be so... complex?) but finally I got there around 7:30, only an hour & a half after the official start time.

Kat and JJ were there, along with some furries and Rennies in various costumes! I didn't have a costume but I wore my tiger tail. (At least my butt was dressed as something!) I brought lotsa candy, and hamburgers and hot dogs, and veggies and dip. The place was done up in Halloween decorations; cobwebs, orange-&-black streamers, black balloons... we had endless fun batting the balloons around!

The best costume was Hammerspark, dressed as a white tiger (not a fursuit; he had a rubber mask, striped clothes and bodypaint. In fact nobody wore a fursuit, awww.) Then there was Brongaar in SCA garb with horse ears on his hat and big clompy hooves that made him even taller than usual. And one guy had a stainless-steel axe with the head cut into an interesting shape and intricate designs etched into every available surface. It was HEAVY!

At one point someone hooked up a strobe light and turned off the lights. I danced around and it looked really cool! But when I bent over to dip a chip in the ranch dip, it got a bit disorienting.

Later, Kat and I made hamburgers. She used her George Foreman grill, which is rather small, so she asked me to make really small patties. The first two got even smaller! "That sapsucker'll cook down to the size of a quarter!" So she started pressing pairs of patties together. They were good, once we got the hang of cooking them!

Then we played a game called Catchphrase, where you pass around a UFOlike object that shows a phrase in a tiny window and you have to get everybody to guess it with a combination of verbal clues and gestures. It's sorta like charades except you get a time limit and you can talk. Also you can laugh, which happens often! On one of my turns, the phrase was "PAJAMA PARTY". The first thing I said was, "This is when you put on your nightclothes and have fun!" From the way everyone was laffin', I think what they were thinking of was when you take off your nightclothes and have fun!

Anyway the party wound down around 1 am, and I took my cooler, minus food (I left the rest of the meat in JJ & Kat's fridge), and drove home. The traffic had thinned out a lot! There were so few cars on the road I decided to take the close-to-downtown route. Try that at 5:30 pm!
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Where have all the "dragons" gone?

In the recent movie "Evolution", microscopic alien life forms fall to Earth and start evolving at an incredibly fast rate. At one point, they develop into beasts that look like velociraptors, except they have big leathery wings on their backs. When one of them flaps its wings and takes off into the air, it looks more than anything else like a dragon! Straight off the cover of a fantasy novel! But when the main characters, played by David Duchovny and Orlando Jones, see this, what do they refer to the creature as? A "bird".

In the "Tremors" trilogy, the monsters start out as giant underground worms called "graboids", then develop into walking two-legged beasts called "shriekers", and finally into rocket-propelled flying predators called... well, if I'd been a character in the story, I would've dubbed them "rocket dragons". But instead the folks in the movie name them "ass-blasters". Tuh!

I'm not really bothered by all that; it just seems a tad unimaginative. :}
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