October 10th, 2002


From the latest Entertainment Weekly:

(issue #677, page 63)


'Arthur: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll'

"From headlining stadium tours to starring in animated direct-to-video kiddie piffle: How the mighty Backstreet Boys have fallen. Just look at the cover: They've got fuzzy ears. Fuzzy ears! There's no coming back from this."

Sure enough, there they are on the cover of the video, posing with Arthur, the cartoon aardvark... they're supposed to look like animal versions of the band members, I guess, but they just look like humans with rabbit & aardvark ears added, as well as li'l pink nose tips. They look for all the world like they've just come from a furry con! Freeeeeaks! :}

(Disclaimer: I got nothin' against people wearing fuzzy ears or tails at cons. Still, that obviously wasn't the intended effect!)
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The word "mundane"

I'm a bit confused here. At first I thought "mundane" simply referred to anyone who's not a furry, but now I've got the idea that it refers specifically to people who Don't Get It; the ones who call us freaks and say things like "Eww, it's animal porn, it's wrong".

I have to say, the second definition is attractive to me. It makes the word more useful, referring significantly to a specific attitude rather than to an arbitrary group of people. Also, it exonerates people who use the word disdainfully.

So, which is it?
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