October 9th, 2002


Famous people born on Sept. 25 (my birthday)

Dean Ween             1970 (one of the guys in that band Ween;
                           I didn't like the Ween cassette
                           I bought that one time but hey he's
                           a celebrity, of sorts, that I've
                           heard of)
Catherine Zeta-Jones  1969 (actress)
Will Smith            1968 (actor, fresh prince)
Heather Locklear      1961 (actress, model)
Michael Madsen        1958 (actor)
Anson Williams        1952 (potsie)
Christopher Reeve     1952 (superman)
Pedro Almodóvar       1951 (director I think)
Will Ravage           1951 (cool name: have gun, will ravage)
Mark Hamill           1951 (actor, jedi)
Cheryl Tiegs          1947 (model)
Felicity Kendal       1946 (britcom actress)
Michael Douglas       1944 (actor)
Robert Walden         1943 (actor)
Tanasije Uzunovic     1942 (cool name)
Ringo Bonavena        1942 (another cool name)
Juliet Prowse         1936 (actress)
Ian Tyson             1933 (folksinger, with wife Sylvia)
Glenn Gould           1932 (pianist)
Barbara Walters       1931 (interviewah)
Shel Silverstein      1930 (author, uncle shelby)
Vefik Hadzismajlovic  1929 (really cool name)
Ronnie Barker         1929 (half of The Two Ronnies)
Fred Mogubgub         1927 (cool bizarre name)
Aldo Ray              1926 (actor)
William Faulkner      1897 (author, not to be confused with
                           character actor William Fichtner)
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