September 26th, 2002


Something I forgot to mention

At the mall today, at Kay Bee Toys, as I was paying for the Legos, one of the clerks saw my Associated Student Bodies shirt and said "That shirt is genius!" It depicts the characters horsing around nude (though carefully positioned so you can't see any naughty bits... unless you count Tina (the skunk)'s exposed breast. She's looking on as Daniel (the lion) grabs Ricky (the raccoon)'s tail as he lunges toward Steven (the collie)'s butt, and Marcus (the wolf) looks on.)

[Heh... I once wore that shirt into a Chik-Fil-A... guess what kind of response I got from wearing a shirt depicting naked gay furries foolin' around into a fast-food restaurant owned by Christians?
Well, the clerk seemed to like it. He asked me about it, and he thought it was from a real school!]
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